Welcome to The Fig's Place

In the spring of 2000, Tom and Sheri walked into work to find a flyer on their desk about a cottage for sale in West Branch, Michigan, on a lake called Clear Lake. The thought of buying a cottage had not been talked about much before, but they decided to drive up and take a look. From that moment on, they fell in love. Memorial Day weekend, they brought the girls up to look at it along with a few others around the area, but they could not seem to find anything better than the little cottage on Clear Lake. On July 1, 2000, the cottage became their own...Fig's Place.

After a weekend of cleaning and getting things in order, they realized they could not ask for more. It was on a warm lake with little muck or seaweed, near the beach, around the corner from the GuidePost and the blue party store, down the street from the Clear Lake Bar the best bar around, and everybody on the lake seemed to be very friendly.

The first couple years consisted of a lot of tubing and playing games. And everybody knew that a weekend at the Fig's Place meant that you would never go hungry. The cottage was, and still is, a place for friends and family to spend time together and get away from the real world. The kids even had their own little hideaway when they would sleep in the bunkhouse by themselves.

Over the years, the Figlan's have met many wonderful people up at Clear Lake. They have learned how to ski, helped purchase and set up a ski course on the lake, and do an annual family ski around the lake every Labor Day. Each day begins with a morning ski with the Distelrath's and the weekends would not be the same without them. They still manage to tube a lot, but also spend their time wakeboarding, riding the jet boat around the lake for hours on end, tying off in the middle of the lake with all the neighbors, riding the jetskiis, taking canoe trips, golfing, going on pontoon boat rides, sailing, swimming, playing games, playing cards, eating (of course), having bonfires, playing in poker tournaments all around the lake, and laying out at night to look at the stars. There is never a dull moment spent at the Fig's Place. It is a time to relax, have fun, and enjoy yourself. It really is a little slice of heaven.